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WeirdAlI like Weird Al; I think that he is strange and interesting and little bit over the top at times.  I LOVE the fact that he plays the accordion and I have great respect for how well he produces his music.  But after today, I have a new found admiration towards him.  If you are ever in a situation where you need to get the attention of young boys in a summer camp (science camp atmosphere helps), throw on the song Yoda and you will be home free!  Even if they have never heard it before, they will love it!  Trust me on this one.  So, I love Weird Al and not just because of Spatula City, but because he made my day at summer camp that much easier!  Thanks you accordion maestro you!  5 out of 5 monkeys


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Boxing Jenny Lewis


I became interested in Jenny Lewis within the last year or so while perusing the videos of Sarah Silverman on ITunes.  The video for “Rise Up With Fists” made me an instant fan.  So, I was very excited to see her headlining here in Seattle at The Showbox at the market.  I went to this concert last night with high hopes and left utterly disappointed.  But not because Jenny Lewis was bad (she was actually pretty amazing for the four songs that I got to see her perform), but because she didn’t come on stage until 11 pm.  Apparently this is the norm at The Showbox, which I declare to be a bunch of crap.

Some of my specific gripes:  The first act didn’t start until after 9 pm and they sucked so bad that the audience was louder than they were (nobody felt the need to shut up).   After they thankfully left, there was the obligatory 30 minutes of set up time for the next band, which I was hoping was Jenny Lewis.  Alas, it was her real opening band and although they were fabulous (The Sadies from Ontario, Canada – blues grass inspired), I was perturbed.  After The Sadies were done, it took the crew another half hour to 45 minutes to set up for Jenny.  And the thing that bothered me is that they seemed to take their sweet old time  Keep in mind that I had been at the venue since 6:30 pm and I just wanted to see the act that I paid for.  Finally 11 pm rolled around and Jenny and her band came on stage.  She was awesome as was to be expected, but the whole experience was tainted for me.  And I only got to see her play a few songs because it was a Sunday night.

My real question is, when music audiences are treated as poorly as they are by concert venues is it really worth going to a concert at all?  They seemed to be catering only to college students and high schoolers who are so invested in the band that they will be led like sheep with stars in their eyes.  I am a grown up with a real job that paid for the ticket and I feel like I should be treated with more respect.  It’s like the venues are saying “screw you” even though the audience keeps them in business and that’s no way to treat a customer.  There is a lack of respect there that will make me second guess whether or not to attend my next concert.  I really wish that I could say more specifically about Jenny Lewis, but The Showbox wouldn’t let me.

1 out of 5 monkeys – The Showbox, 4 out of 5 monkeys The Sadies, 4 out of 5 monkeys Jenny Lewis.


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