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Trekkies 2 (2004)

Italian Trekkie - nice ride.

Italian Trekkie - nice ride.

Trekkies 2 takes up where the first film left off in many ways focusing mostly on fans in Europe.  The opening credits were sung by Fred Schneider of the B-52’s, so I was totally there.  My favorite thing about watching these documentaries is how sincere the people were; most of them go to these conventions because they are accepted there, they can be themselves.  Anyone who is at all different (especially while in high school) can relate to this.  The film also addressed the issue of going to far and most interviewees admitted that they know one or two of those types.  As one Trekkie put it, “if it’s July and you are super pale, then maybe you need to spend a little less time watching Star Trek.”  One thing that I gleamed from the documentary is that the key to success as an actor is to get a role on Star Trek – you will be working forever!  It was great to see the return of Gabriel Koerner, the uber nerdy kid from the first film, now grown up and married (to an equally cute and nerdy girl) and finding success with designing for Star Trek and other science fiction television shows (battlestar baby).  And let’s not forget the crazy Star Trek tribute bands in Sacramento!  Oh and the horny lady Trekkie’s in Australia – they wrote a poem about one of the male actors, it’s hilarious.  Check out the film and you will see what I mean.  3 out of 5 monkeys



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