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I just wanted to do a quick posting about the show Glee on Fox.  I was super stoked after seeing the pilot episode last spring (they need to be bring the Glee humming back, great transition/way to create silly tension) and waited patiently for the second episode to air this fall.  Although I enjoyed the second episode, until last night’s episode (October 7th), I have been disappointed.  Lately the episodes have been taking on a serious tone, trying to up the teen angst, but not in a funny way.  The musical numbers are always entertaining, but what makes the show really great is the absurd aspects of it.  For example, the crazy antics between the cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (the always funny Jane Lynch – check out Party Down or almost every Christopher Guest movie) and the head of Glee, Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison).  If they include her character in at least 80% of the show they will be golden.  A good way of dealing with teen angst is by giving it a goofy side like they did in last nights episode.  Finn (Cory Monteith) is completely overwhelmed with being the captain of the football team (I love it that they suck by the way), a lead in Glee Club, a good boyfriend and popular (a running gag that I love – it take so much energy to be popular!), but they show it by him losing in the second level of his video game (Halo I think) and not even caring – trust me, it was brilliant.  So Glee, no more seriousness, stick with the funny, it’s what you do best!

Update on November 23rd:  They did NOT follow my advise and stick with the absurd.  It is now craptastic.  The rendition of Lean on Me, was the last straw for me.


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